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Can You Cook Great Hamburgers Indoors?

Most lovers of great food would agree that the best hamburgers are the ones that come off the grill. Yes, we are referring to plump, juicy, smoky burgers that evoke summertime cookouts and family gatherings. Unfortunately, hamburgers cooked on the stove just can't compare. There is no smoke and nowhere for the cooked-off fat to [...]

When it Comes to Sushi, Some Like It Wasabi Hot

Wasabi has been a part of every Japanese household kitchen and has invaded most kitchens and restaurant in the world. Americans love their sushi as much as their Asian neighbors, but when it comes to sushi, some like it hot, and wasabi is there to make it so. Wasabi is what makes Japanese food authentic. [...]

Old World Charm Blended Right In

Our friends the Italians certainly know how to cook, and especially when old world charm is blended right in many of their special dishes. Also known to many as Tuscan Spice, our Tuscan Verde is a perfect blend of seasonings and spices is made up of the farmer’s basket of fresh herbs and vegetables. Flavored [...]

When it comes to Championships in College Football, What’s the Rub?

In college football, with Georgia going up against the Crimson Tide of Alabama on Monday, January 8th, the rub of choice has to be Citron Rouge. College Championship football games are the perfect venue for your tailgate party in or out, with spicy, but not overwhelming flavors of chili pepper and lime. Imagine chicken wings, [...]

Thanksgiving isn’t just about Turkey anymore

When I was growing up, in the 60’s-70’s, Turkey in our house (of 12 people) was a once a year event. Thanksgiving consisted of a large stuffed Turkey, slow-cooked in an oven at 200 degrees for 7 hours (wouldn’t the health department have a field day with my mother!); mashed potatoes whipped to death…

How to Make the Best Beer-Can Chicken (and why it tastes so darn good!)

If you’ve ever had beer-can chicken, you know how moist and delicious it is on the inside, and how delightfully crispy it is on the outside.

Eighteen Terrific Ways to Enjoy Petite Maize

Just enjoying our open pollinated tiny popping corn is not enough. There are at least eighteen terrific ways to enjoy Petite Maize that you will not want to miss. Plus, we’ve found the absolute best way to prepare our gourmet popping corn. But first, let’s explore the term “open pollinated” and why that is so [...]

The Making of Dos Gauchos:
How We Create Our Spice Rubs

The making of Dos Gauchos, and spices in  general, is a topic of much conversation. Do a web search on “how to make spice rubs” and you’ll likely find suggestions for combining spices to make your favorite foods more flavorful. The recipes and tutorials largely call for spices to be thrown together in a bowl; [...]

Do you enjoy a great steak?

Do you enjoy a great steak, tender and oozing with flavor? Try the combination of Dos Gauchos Steak Rub and mayonnaise as a steak marinade.

Up Your Grill Game with Our Grilling Recipes, Fun Facts, and Useful Tips

In this spotlight on grill season, we share some fun facts and interesting tidbits about this delicious time of year, as well as some tips on achieving grilling perfection.

Return to Argentina Without Leaving Home

The authentic taste of Dos Gauchos Steak Rub atop your grilling main course will help make memories in your back yard, almost equaling your vivid realities of memorable past days.

The Why Behind Madison Park Foods

Meet Christine, the co-founder of Madison Park Foods, in this brief video.

Is this the perfect marriage for the grill?

Take a look at what our friends at M&M Perrotti's Prepared Foods & Butcher Shop have been up to. They took these amazing Tomahawk steaks from Simply Grazin', added our Dos Gauchos rub, and grilled them to perfection. Talk about the perfect way to smash your taste buds with some flavor! If you have a great story [...]

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