Johnny Ciao’s Symphonic Seasonings Collection

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The Symphonic Seasonings Collection is the vision of Johnny Ciao, also known as the Culinary Rocker. A true American icon, Johnny has spent decades as an entrepreneur in the entertainment business. In the ’70s, Johnny began his career as DJ on a rhythm and blues station and in Florida’s top discos. He moved to Atlanta in the late ’70s and brought many Legendary jazz musicians to the Famous Fox Theater and to the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary where he received an accolade from former Mayor Maynard Jackson as Honorary Convict of the Year for his charitable work.

He started a communications/management firm representing sports, music, and political clients, including Henry (Hank) Aaron and Isaac Hayes among many others. After bringing Hank Aaron out to Los Angeles to appear on Happy Days, Johnny got his taste for the Hollywood lifestyle. In the 80’s he produced music videos and later became one of the largest distributors of music videos in the nation. His music video chart was published weekly in Rolling Stone, TV Guide and USA Today. He also produced a book and video called ‘Cooking With Country Stars’ featuring recipes, photos, and bios from 36 top country music stars. His second book titled ‘Koncert Kitchen’ featured recipes he prepared for many of his celebrity clients which take Under 5-10 minutes, costing 5-10 dollars and containing 5-10 ingredients

After moving to San Francisco, Ciao, who had always cooked for his clients and friends, took his culinary talent to new levels. He developed a relationship with legendary concert promoter Bill Graham who introduced Johnny to the Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Huey Lewis, Buddy Miles, Chris Isaak, and many other music greats. He created backstage food and went on to cook for many of these artists one on one in their homes, at recording studios, on the road and various locations. He then lived with the King of Pop Michael Jackson at Neverland helping him back to health and creating foods that would keep his energy level up for peak performance.

Johnny went on to appear on major television and radio programs throughout the World, as he continues to do today. For the past 20 years, he has presented his Music and Food Events for major charitable organizations and also spends time taking care of his 90-year-old mother.

His 3rd book and cable series called ‘Eating Life’ is set to be released in 2020. It’s a story about his years in the business with extraordinary details of his life as an entrepreneur – simmered with ongoing parties, creative endeavors, relationships, and staying alive in today’s World of Madness!

Symphonic Seasonings Collection

Johnny approached Madison Park Foods when he met its President and master spice blender, Stan Gorski, at a charity event. With a national reputation for blending seasonings, and the two collaborated on The Symphonic Collection, Johnny Ciao’s re-launch of his Famous Spice Line. We are very pleased to make these exciting new products available to you here.

Johnny Ciaos BBQ Blues Open Tin
Johnny Ciaos Funky Wasabi Open Tin
Johnny Ciaos Soulful Thia Open Tin