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The Perfect Turkey This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has a split-personality. On one hand it is the ultimate holiday for foodies, passionate people who love to cook, entertain, and seek to prepare the perfect turkey. On the other hand, it’s the most fabulous family get together, bringing family and friends together.

A great turkey doesn’t have to be overly difficult to create; it just needs a great recipe, a really good turkey, and perfect seasonings. This Thanksgiving, celebrate the holiday with a mouthwatering turkey and a flavorful stuffing. Just follow our time-tested recipe which you can download by clicking on the images below. And make sure to have plenty of The Chairman of the Bird® Poultry Rub, the gourmet’s choice for an amazing Turkey. Click here if you need more.

Here is How

The prefect turkey requires a great recipe. To download our recipe for Chairman Turkey, simply click on the image.

Madison Park Foods Turkey Recipe Card

Enhance your turkey with an amazing stuffing. To download our recipe for Chairman Stuffing, simply click on the image.

Madison Park Foods Chairman Stuffing Recipe Card

Turkeys Most Definitely Cannot Fly

The perfect turkey also relates to funny and whimsical ideas. WKRP in Cincinnati was a hysterically funny sitcom, highlighting the misadventures of the staff of a struggling Top 40 rock radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Premiering in 1978, one of their funniest episodes involved a Thanksgiving promotion that went badly. You can watch the entire episode here (29 minutes of pure laughter).

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