Can You Cook Great Hamburgers Indoors?

Most lovers of great food would agree that the best hamburgers are the ones that come off the grill. Yes, we are referring to plump, juicy, smoky burgers that evoke summertime cookouts and family gatherings.

Unfortunately, hamburgers cooked on the stove just can’t compare. There is no smoke and nowhere for the cooked-off fat to go, so the meat ends up simmering in its juices. In the end, the flavor, moisture, and texture are completely different than those of grilled burgers.

Some people suggest broiling their hamburgers; others like to deep fry theirs. But don’t let the weather keep you from a great burger. Here is our approach:

  • Get a cast-iron pan super hot (we recommend a flat one, to brown the meat evenly). You want an excellent sear for the right outer texture and to keep the burger moist.
  • Use meat that has a reasonable fat content (like a 15% chuck). With this amount of fat, you won’t need to use any oil in the pan.
  • Make sure your patties are chilled at least 20 minutes when they hit the pan.
  • Right before cooking, add Madison Park Foods Smoked Pepper & Salt, to both sides. The real reason we love to eat burgers during the summer is because of the smoke from the grill flavors every bite. Our smoked salt replicates this flavor indoors (add some good bacon if you want to enhance the smokey flavor further).
  • Use a meat thermometer to check doneness, but do not poke the patty from the top. Instead, take your sample from the side. You’ll ensure that the probe’s sensor is in the center of the burger.

Not everyone can partake in the luxury of a backyard grilling experience. Don’t miss out on a great hamburger, and give this recipe a try. Just remember the French fries!

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