Patriots Popcorn Snack Mix

The Snack Bowl is coming up on Sunday! We’re already planning our menu, starting with this flavor packed Patriots Popcorn Snack Mix.

We started by popping about 1/4 of our Petite Maize popcorn. It yields a little over a cup of popcorn when it’s done.

While we waited for the popcorn to pop, we melted a stick of butter in a pan. We added about 3 teaspoons of our Citron Rouge seasoning blend, and let it simmer.

When the popcorn was done, we transferred it to a large bowl.

We added 1 cup of mini twist pretezels, and 4 cups of Corn Chex.

We stirred it up before adding the melted butter and Citron Rouge mixture.

Stir well, and enjoy! This is a snack best served warm.