The Madison Park Foods family of seasonings reflects the global palate of our customers and the unique taste combinations prepared by our spice team. Having been in the spice business, we know all spices are not created equal. Since our popping seeds are the finest in the world, we wanted to ensure the seasonings that went on them were also the best available. All Natural, Gluten and Allergen Free ingredients are sourced from growers and processors around the world who are committed to quality. Most of these growers and processors we have known for years and consider dear friends and family. 

Ingredients aren’t just what make our seasonings so special, it is how we make them. Like arranging flowers or baking, you just can’t throw everything together at once. We spend weeks and months working and re-working our seasoning blends to get just the right taste and texture. Blends are also taste-tested internally and by customers, and lab-tested for food safety. All our seasonings are gluten and allergen free. From Citron Rouge to Tuscan Verde to Bloody Mary and Smoked Pepper and Salt; you can turn an ordinary snack into an extrordinary appetizer-or even a meal!

seasoning chairman bird gourmet turkey rub3

Chairman of The Bird
Gourmet Turkey Rub

This one of a kind blend combines traditional herbs with citrus and cranberry and a few secret family ingredients, packaged in an easy to use (and re-use) tin.

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seasonings wasabi side


This unique blend is where East meets West. The (in) famous kick of wasabi along with savory notes and a tangy finish is a perfect accent for meat, seafood, noodles, dressings and nuts.

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seasoning spicy thai e1479232400843

Spicy Thai

A deep sweet heat, expertly balanced with lemon, ginger, garlic and other exotic spices to achieve the distinct flavor of Thailand. It is excellent on chicken, rice, noodles, and fish.

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seasoning colonial tavern hill cropped

Colonial Tavern

Combination of slightly sweet, spice, and savory with just the right touch of salt and heat

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seasoning smoked pepper and salt hill cropped

Smoked Pepper & Salt

Tangy combination of salts, smoked pepper and a few secret ingredients

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seasoning bloody mary hill cropped

Bloody Mary

Bold and spicy with a rich tomato flavor, celery and a hint of lemon

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seasoning tuscan verde hill cropped

Tuscan Verde

Tastes as though you handpicked herbs and spices right from your own garden

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seasoning citron rouge hill cropped

Citron Rouge

Hot, but not overwhelming, blend of chili pepper, lime and a few other special spices

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